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the best web design in Mazatlan

When you hire Beachfront Web you get a web design company that is dedicated to your success. We firmly believe in meeting deadlines and delivering more than we promise. As a small business, we understand how the service provided by our vendors directly affects us and that our service will directly affect your business.

We look at each project as a partnership to achieve a common goal. We want to make your web presence a valuable tool for customer contact and revenue generation. We promise to dedicate our attention and resources to make your web design project a success.

  • Design – The words "attractive" and "appealing" are thrown around a lot when talking about web design. What do they mean? Much like your personal wardrobe, your website should present an image that shows thought has been put into the choice of style, color, and arrangement. You wouldn't go to a meeting with a client with your shirt dirty and wrinkled, and you shouldn't let your website go out that way either. Your presence on the web is the first, and sometimes only, contact a customer has with your business. Your web site should look professional and reflect the core of your business and its values. You want to show your unique strengths and define what makes you different and better than your competitors.

  • Structure – Without a logical organization, the website feels scattered and chaotic. If a customer can't easily find what they are looking for, they will give up and leave. Your competitor's website is only a Google search away. Beachfront Web understands page and system hierarchy. We know how to place links, menus, and information in a way that is expected and intuitive. We know where the "blind" areas of pages are. Each web page will be constructed to make it easy for the customer to achieve their goal.

  • Copy Writing – Writing for the Internet is different. Beachfront Web will write interesting copy for you that will rank better with search engines and be easy for Internet users to read. It is important to tell people what they want to know, not what you want to tell them. Copy should be readable, conversational language and should be broken into small chunks with lots of headings.

  • Accessibility – Beachfront Web will write your site in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This includes using special tags that provide alternate text for graphics and explain acronyms. Sensible text is used for links, and the content of each page is positioned so it flows naturally for electronic readers.

  • Programming – Beachfront Web uses CSS and XHTML where possible. We have intimate knowledge of both standards. This makes pages load faster and scale for different browsers, computers, and monitors. For dynamic sites, Beachfront Web also uses PHP, Javascript, and MySQL.

  • Marketing – We are experienced in search engine optimization, keyword research, and website publicity to generate traffic to your web site. Having a great site doesn't do you any good if it doesn't generate traffic and earn you money.

  • Quality assurance – Beachfront Web tests all web sites for bugs and quirks. Each site goes through a complete, intensive shakedown before publication. In the rare event that an error is not caught before publication, each site is guaranteed for 30 days and any problems will be promptly fixed.

  • Usability testing – Before publication, Beachfront Web tests each web site with a representative group of users ranging from neophytes to experts to identify any confusing areas or potential problems in content or structure before publication.


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Recently Completed

Victoria Furniture
A makeover of the Victoria Furniture website to be more interactive and marketing oriented.
Te Amo Lucy's
New website for the popular restaurant Te Amo Lucy's
Loro de Oro Inn
New website for the Loro de Oro Inn with online booking and payment
A Woman's Healing Journey
Support for wives of sex addicts.
Student Guide Santa Cruz
A website to promote advertising in a student magazine in Santa Cruz, CA
Editorial Mazatlan
Complete makeover for a local publishing house with online catalog and sales capability.

Under Construction

Hotel Playa Mazatlan
Website makeover for the Hotel Playa Mazatlan including an online booking engine integrated with the hotels in-house reservation system.
en el Pacifico
A new website with a fully searchable property database for a local Mazatlan realtor
Olas Altas Bed & Breakfast
Makeover for the Olas Altas Bed & Breakfast website
Mazatlan Property Group
Real estate website with searchable property database.